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Brand Experience Agency

Cibo is a branding agency and consultant that helps clients develop integrated brand & customer experience strategies by assessing key moments in the customer lifecycle. From digital marketing experiences and global advertising campaigns to product, mobile, and ecommerce solutions, we apply design thinking to business to create winning brands.

As a brand consultant, we know that 93% of companies say they provide a great brand experience, yet only 3% of their customers agree.  The opportunity for greatness lies in the gap between the two. Companies that deliver on their promises significantly outperform their category peers–in revenue, profit, and overall growth.

Cibo exists to bridge The Brand Experience Gap. Starting at awareness and acquisition, then onto research, service, and point of purchase, we identify the points of customer friction. We uncover the fundamental truth of a brand and expose it across the customer journey. We call this brand experience design. Our process is what has enabled us to craft and launch phenomenal experiences for the world’s greatest companies.

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Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is one of the world’s most advanced electric vehicle manufacturers. Faced with the challenge of convincing a global population deeply committed to gasoline powered cars, Cibo was hired to create an interactive experience that would raise, address, and resolve the key questions people have about switching to electric. Relentlessly committed to what Tesla terms the "Ownership Experience", Cibo was tasked with creating a branded highly interactive touch experience on par with the experience of owning a Tesla itself.

Result: During the three years it was active, GoElectric was the most trafficked page on the Tesla website after the home page. The site has won a number of design and interactive awards, and has been credited with extending the retail brick and motor experience to the living room and contributing to Tesla's phenomenal sales.


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lenovo turned to Cibo to create and build an integrated global campaign to launch their most advanced laptop ever–Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Based on a theme of “beautiful contradictions”, the campaign told the story of the product and the Lenovo brand. Print, video, out-of-home and interactive banner experiences were created to raise awareness and consideration for this new laptop and cast its product prowess as a hero worthy of a fight to the death with Apples’ MacBook Air. We then drove interest to mobile and desktop experiences that allowed people to interact with the product using virtual demos and interactions that highlighted core capabilities. To deploy the campaign globally, we created a marketing toolkit for use in over 60 countries that gave Lenovo sales & marketing teams a clear understanding of what made this laptop different than its competitors and how to successfully position it to win.

Result: The campaign provided the first integrated global product launch campaign for Lenovo in many years. It has driven the highest online engagement of any campaign ever run by the company.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

CBA wanted to put the power of wealth management into the hands of the DIY wealth manager. They turned to Cibo to create a new digital web product called MyWealth (www.mywealth.com.au), a completely self-directed wealth management platform. By combining our understanding of the CBA brand proposition, our deep experience in digital product UX design, and our knowledge of core underlying bank systems and technologies, we designed and launched the MyWealth platform.

Result: An interactive web and mobile experience that removed confusing barriers, eliminated financial jargon, and simplified interfaces and tools to create confidence in consumers. To date, tens of thousands of customers have enrolled in the product and are actively engaged, tens of millions of assets are under management, and thousands of transactions are completed each day.